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Warning Signs of Depression During a Job Loss

Table Mountain Employment 22 January, 2019

If you have recently gone through a job loss, you know that this can be a challenging time. What many people do not know, is that unemployed individuals are 34% more likely to suffer from depression according to the Journal of Vocational Behavior. If you have recently gone through a job loss, here are some signs you should watch for. 

A Change in Mindset

Many people who are dealing with or developing depression will experience a distinct mindset shift in which they begin to believe that everything in their lives is wrong. Even if the reality of the situation tells you that your job was the only thing that has changed, you will begin to find fault with many aspects of your life. This is an important sign of depression which can intensify the cycle of bad feelings. 

Loss of Energy

An unusual lack of energy or of feeling sick for no reason is also a sign of depression in most people. During depression you want to back out of life. Telling people you are sick or don't feel good is an easy way to do that without facing the real problem. 

A Light Trigger

A light trigger means that you are easily agitated by things which in the past did not bother you that much. Our resilience and coping abilities are usually very low when we are dealing with depression. This can lead to sudden outbursts of anger or sadness that are disproportionate to the event triggering them. 

What Can You Do?

If you feel that you are experiencing some of these signs of depression, there are several things you can do. Self-help measures can include getting daily exercise. This can clear your mind, release endorphins and increase blood flow to the brain. Gratitude practice and meditation are also ways you can help your perspective on your situation. If you feel that your depression is bigger than something you can handle on your own, you should consider reaching out to a free counseling service in your area. 

A job loss can have a real effect on you emotionally. It is a normal response to a life change. Be on the watch for these signs of depression so that you can take the steps you need to remain healthy.