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Three Minimum Contact Jobs

Table Mountain Employment 20 May, 2019

The world has been going through many changes lately because of unforeseen health risks. This has prompted job seekers to look for occupations that require little or no contact with other individuals. The following are three ideas that you may want to consider if you desire such a job. 

Work-From-Home Sales or Customer Service

Work-from-home jobs don't require you to have to interact personally with any other people. Therefore, they're the best jobs to apply for if you're trying to avoid contact. The job market for work-from-home sales and customer service associates is abundant right now. The sky is the limit, and you can feel free to complete as many applications as you desire. 

Food Delivery Person

Food delivery jobs have some contact with coworkers. However, you can avoid contacting customers because of contactless delivery practices that have become the norm for delivery jobs lately. This might be an excellent job for you if you like to drive and serve people, but you want to minimize your interactions.

Video Editor

Video editing jobs are fun for creative souls and people who like tinkering with video clips. You can get a video ending job with a variety of establishments, and your pay rate will vary. This might be a good fit for you if you have experience cutting and editing videos, or you've gone to school to learn the craft. You may also be able to get an entry-level position if you have some experience editing your own videos. It's worth a try to put in an application and see if you get a phone call. You might be pleasantly surprised. 

Those are just a few ideas if you're thinking about starting a career that has low or no contact with people. Take a chance and complete an application if you feel as though you have the skills necessary for hire.