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Signs You Might Be A Workaholic

Table Mountain Employment 22 February, 2019

We all know a few lazy people who just seem like they will not get job, and when they get one, they can’t hold on to it. We know that this is not a wise way to live, but few people realize that working too much is also not a wise way to live. Being a workaholic is a very real issue for some people and it can have a devastating impact on their life and family. Here are a few signs you might be a workaholic.

You Prioritize Work Over Other Activities

Work is obviously important but so are hobbies, family time and just personal down time. Do you find yourself raising the importance of work over these other healthy areas of your life? Do you find yourself looking down on others who make time for these things? This could be a sign that your priorities are not right, and that work is taking too important of a role in your life.

You Feel Nervous When Not Working

Feelings of anxiety, agitation or nervousness when not working is a sure sign that your brain has gotten accustomed to only feeling comfortable when working. This is not a healthy situation because this is a sign of compulsion. Compulsion, even to do something good like work, is not healthy. Compulsion leads to more anxiety, fear and even anger when you cannot satisfy the compulsion.

Relationships Suffer Because of Work

Do you find that your family relationships, or relationships with friends suffer because of work? Putting work above all else can quickly have an impact on your personal life. If this does not bother you, then that is also a sure sign that your hardworking attitude has turned into workaholism.

Workaholism is a compulsive disorder that may lead to physical and mental issues. Speaking with a therapist is a good way to unravel this issue.