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Returning To Work After Being a Stay At Home Parent

Table Mountain Employment 22 June, 2019

Having the opportunity to stay home with your children for any amount of time is a great privilege. However, with this gift, comes certain challenges once you make the decision to return to work. Keep reading to learn about a few things you should consider when returning to work after being a stay at home parent. 

Prepare Emotionally 

Talk to other parents who have experienced this change. Ask a lot of questions about the emotional effect this will have on you. Many parents experience a great amount of guilt when returning back to work. This is normal, but you should understand that this is a temporary, normal response to a big life change. It does not mean you are necessarily making the wrong choice. 

Prepare For a Learning/Adjustment Curve

Even if you have been out of the workforce for a few months, there will be a learning curve when returning. One main aspect of this new learning curve or adjustment curve will be the schedule. One of the nice things about being a stay at home parent is that you basically get to create your own schedule. You may feel very uncomfortable at first when you return to a regular workday schedule. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust to this. Eventually, it will all start to feel normal again. 

Be Patient With Yourself and Your Kids

You will not be the only one adjusting to this new life change. Your children will also need some time to get adjusted to the new normal. Your kids may seem very resistant at first to this change. They will eventually get on board and accept the situation. Give them space for their frustrations and remember this is not a permanent state of affairs. 

Returning to work after being a stay at home parent will have its challenges. Be patient with the changing dynamic and emotions.