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Popular Jobs for 2-Year Degrees

Table Mountain Employment 20 January, 2021

If a four-year college degree isn't for you, don't worry. There are plenty of great paying jobs for people with only a 2-year degree. A 2-year degree, or an Associate's Degree, often provides a great foundation for career success. In addition to this, the 2-year degree also offers great flexibility for those who may later want to turn their 2 years of instruction into a 4-year degree.

Keep reading to learn about a few popular jobs for those with a 2-year degree.

Dental Assistant

A dental assistant is a trained professional who can often start their career after completing a 2-year degree program. A dental assistant will work in a dental office alongside the dentist and other dental professionals. Their tasks include assisting with procedures, cleaning equipment, preparing patients for procedures, and administrative tasks. Dental assistants can make up to 28k per year with the option of moving up into better and higher-paying positions with further training and education.


If you want to work in the world of law, but aren't ready to invest the time or money into a law degree, paralegal work could be your route to the career of your dreams. A paralegal is a legal assistant which works alongside lawyers. These individuals usually carry a 2-year degree in law or paralegal work. The salary outlook for this profession can be up to 60K per year. The really great thing about paralegal work is that it provides a great amount of experience for a person who does, later on, want to seek a law degree or practice as a lawyer themselves. This is a great profession to enter into if you are still working on your law degree or if you have not quite made up your mind.

You can find great success with a 2-year degree. Keep researching to find more great jobs you can land with your education.