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Is It Time to Change Careers? Ask Yourself These Questions

Table Mountain Employment 21 July, 2020

Changing careers can be scary. Many people go for years feeling as if they want to change careers, but they let that fear stop them. If you are starting to feel like a career change is in your future, you can ask yourself these important questions to gain some clarity. 

What Is Not Working?

It is a good idea to write out in very clear terms what it is about your current job that isn't working for you anymore. The new career path should be able to provide a new perspective on these problems. You do not want to leave one disappointing career only to wind up in another equally disappointing career. How will the new career path change what isn't working?

Are You Willing And Able to Start At the Bottom?

You have spent some time working your way up in your current role. A complete career change can mean that you will need to start over from the bottom. Are you willing to do this? It is also important to ask yourself if you can financially do this right now. This is especially an important question to ask if you will be making significantly less money in your new career role. What changes could you make to accommodate the change in income? Making less money is not necessarily a reason to stay in your current career, but it is certainly an issue to consider. 

What Barriers Need to Be Overcome?

Starting a career will always come with a few barriers. You need to be well aware of what those barriers are and what your plan would be to overcome them. Will you need additional training? Will there be a difference in income at first? Do you need a new skill set? 

Starting a new career can be very exciting. It is best, however, to go in with eye wide open and to fully understand what your challenges will be and how you will overcome them.