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How to Recover From Being Made Redundant

Table Mountain Employment 19 September, 2018

If you've just received news that today is your last day on the job, take heart. Read over this day-by-day advice on how to recover from being made redundant.

Take a day.

Though you do need to get back in the swing of things eventually, don’t deny your human need to recover. Take a day. Allow yourself to do nothing, or to act out a little. Feel sorry for yourself, go out with your friends or stay in your pajamas all day. Make sure you get plenty of rest, because tomorrow you’re going to be very busy.

Resume your normal routine.

The next morning after your day of rest, get up at your normal time. Shower, get dressed and prepare yourself mentally and physically.

Make lists.

Sit down and make some lists to work off of. You’ll need to make a list of all your job skills, and all your contacts in order to complete the next two steps.

Update your C.V.

Bring your C.V. up to date on all the skills you learned at your previous job. Mention any projects you lead. Write a few sentences about your career objective.

Reach out.

Use your email and phone to contact everyone in your network about your new job search. Be ready to give them copies of your updated C.V.


After you've sent out your resume, and the day is done, sit back and spend some time contemplating. Think about why you might have been made redundant. Was it just a budget decision? Or was there anything you could have done to avoid it? Be honest with yourself and vow to make changes in the future if necessary.

If you follow these steps, it’s unlikely you’ll be out of a job for long. Remember, the key is to allow yourself to wallow – but only for a short time. After that, treat your new job search seriously.