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How to Quit Being Scared and Start Succeeding

Table Mountain Employment 25 March, 2019

Have you passed up job leads because you were too intimidated to talk to someone with the information you needed? Have you bombed on interviews simply because your own nerves sabotaged everything you intended on saying? Have you completely avoided applying for positions you are qualified for because you think the company is out of your league? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then intimidation could be ruining your chances of landing your next great job. So what can you do about it?

Identify Intimidation for What It Is

Intimidation is simply a thought process. Intimidation is not an actual physical thing. It is just the result of your own thoughts. Sometimes intimidation can feel so overwhelming, though, it feels as if it is an actual villain out to get us. Stop intimidation in its tracks by identifying it for what it truly is.

Remember We Are All Just Humans

The job lead you don't want to talk to, the interviewer making you shake in your boots, the employers or employees at the company that is "out of your league" are all just people like you. They have their strengths and their weaknesses. They have their good points and bad points. They are not superhuman. They are no more special than you are. They are just different. You can meet them on common ground because you have your humanity in common.


When you feel intimidation sneaking in, visualize it as an actual road block in your path. The path is leading to your next great job. Intimidation is a flimsy, wooden road block thrown up in your path. It is not heavy or unmovable, but it is blocking your way. Then visualize yourself taking a running start and karate kicking the road block down. It falls over easily, and you continue on your journey.

This is intimidation and this is what you can to about it so that you can continue on your path toward your next great job.