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How Long Should You Stay on Your Job?

Table Mountain Employment 21 December, 2020

Not every job is supposed to be a lifelong experience. Some jobs are meant to be stepping stones that can help you get to something better for yourself. It can be tough to know where to draw the line if you don't have clarity about the matter. The following are three questions you need to ask yourself to clarify how long you should stay at your current job.

Am I Happy?

Money and benefits are good, but your overall happiness and mental wellness are more important. Therefore, you have to have a genuine conversation with yourself about your happiness and wellness there. You have no choice but to leave if you aren't happy, and you do not see happiness in your future there.

Is There Opportunity for Growth?

Ask yourself whether you see the potential for growth at your current job. Is it possible for you to get a promotion? Is there a manager or higher up willing to invest in your advancement? Jobs that don't offer any growth potential often grow stale after a year or two. It's wise to move along from these types of jobs so that you can start somewhere fresh where you can develop and grow.

What Is My Endgame Plan?

You must ask yourself what the plan is for your future. Where do you want to be in one year, two years, five years, and beyond? If your current place of employment doesn't support your journey, or it somehow blocks your path, then you might want to ease away from the location.

By answering those three questions, you can easily find the answer to the question of how long you should stay at your current place of employment. It might be time to turn in your resignation if you don't see any progress in your future.