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Best Jobs for Gardeners

Table Mountain Employment 24 August, 2020

Do you love getting your hands in the dirt? Is your idea of a perfect weekend weeding and putting in a new flower bed? If you like to garden, not only are you probably going to have the best yard on the block, but you could also use that hobby to make some money. Keep reading to learn about some great jobs for gardeners.

Plant Nursery

Working in a plant nursery is a great way to bring together your need for a job and your love of gardening. Plant nurseries provide products, services and support to other local gardeners. There is no special training required to work at a plant nursery and you have the added benefit of often working outside in the fresh air.


Not everyone shares your love of gardening. In fact many people find gardening or yard work an unbearable chore. That's okay, though, because that means people like you can make a lot of money helping people like them keep their yards looking nice. Landscaping is a great job opportunity because it allows for flexibility and in most cases you can be your own boss. You can just make a little money on the side or launch a full scale landscaping business.

Gardening Classes

Gardening is not just an inbred talent. Gardening can be learned. If you have a knack for gardening you can share that talent with others and make some money doing it. Starting a gardening class is a great way to connect with your community, make an income and pursue something you love. Gardening classes can be conducted from your home, your yard, or at a local plant nursery.

If you love to garden, keep these job ideas in mind to turn your hobby into a money making opportunity.