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3 Ways to Relieve Stress During a Job Loss

Table Mountain Employment 20 February, 2019

Few things in life are as stressful as being out of work. However, there are many simple ways you can relieve this stress so that you can focus on your goals. Here are three ways to relieve stress during a job loss. 


If you have had no experience with meditation, please don't knock it before you try it. Meditation doesn't need to be elaborate or mysterious. Meditation also does not need to be religious. Anyone can meditate. Meditation just means that you spend some time each day quietly alone. Try to calm your thoughts and just sit in the silence. This literally gives your brain a break and can reduce stress dramatically. 


Exercising releases tons of great feel-good hormones into your body, and best of all it is free. Of course, there are lots of ways that exercise can get expensive, but it can also be free. Go for a jog. Do some old school calisthenics in your living room. Set up an obstacle course in your back yard. Just get your body moving every day. It will get your mind off of your problems and increase your health as well. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

Lack of sleep is a huge contributor to stress. If you are already experiencing a stressful time, losing sleep will make this so much worse. Train yourself to sleep well with good sleep hygiene. Turn off screens one hour before you wish to fall asleep. Reserve your bed for sleeping. If you watch tv, surf the internet, or work in your bed it will train your brain to associate your bed with too many things. 

Finding a job is important, but if you are stressed out it can start to hinder your job hunting efforts. Use these three tips to help relieve stress today.