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3 Telltale Signs It's Time to Switch Jobs

Table Mountain Employment 18 September, 2018

Job loyalty is a virtuous quality to have. But sometimes it’s better for you to look out for yourself, and learn to recognize better opportunities that may exist at another employer. Here are three telltale signs it might be time to switch jobs.

Your job is taking a toll on your well being.

If you find yourself increasingly complaining to your spouse about your job, getting a sore back from sitting for long hours, or running up doctor bills trying to determine what’s causing your tension headaches, your job may be taking a toll on your health. Your health is more important than your paycheck.

Seek employment in a low-stress environment that will support a healthy lifestyle that you can easily afford.

There are more layoffs and cutbacks.

Layoffs and cutbacks often signify that a company is under financial duress, especially if they are laying off those with the highest salaries. Before you receive a layoff notice or suffer from reduced employee benefits, start looking for outside opportunities.

Look for companies that are expanding their businesses, not downsizing. Companies in the growth stage are more inclined to look for employees like you who can bring years of experience to the table.

The industry is shifting.

Trends in the marketplace over the last several years have spelled disaster for many businesses such as video rental stores, electronic retailers and more. One common sign of this happening is if clients start declining to renew their accounts.

If you spot a trend that is bound to make your company lose massive amounts of customers, start thinking about how you can revamp your resume so your skills and experience translate to the new economy.

In the end, you have to look out for yourself in business. If your employment situation is no longer mutually beneficial, don’t wait until you get a pink slip to start looking elsewhere.